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What are the “can’t miss” spots to explore in Los Angeles? Are there any student organizations highly recommended by current USC students? On this page, we’ll share helpful advice from our students and staff to help prepare you for your official start as a USC Dornsife Trojan.

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Five Things to Do Before Coming to Campus

No doubt you’ve worked extremely hard over the past few years to gain admission to USC, and you probably can’t wait to begin classes and join the Trojan community. Here are some tips on things you might want to consider doing before you arrive.

Thank those who helped you succeed

You should be proud of yourself for being admitted to USC’s most competitive class yet. But remember, you didn’t get here alone. You had support – that might include loving parents, teachers who believed in you, great study buddies, and other important people in your life. Be sure to tell them how much you appreciate all they’ve done for you.

Frequent your favorite local restaurant

There are plenty of great spots to eat on campus and in the area surrounding USC, but sometimes nothing can compare to that place in your hometown you grew up loving. It may be a while before you’re able to enjoy food from there again, so take advantage of it this summer.

Memorize your USC ID number

You’re going to be using this number A LOT. The sooner you know it by heart, the sooner you can stop awkwardly fumbling through your wallet for your USCard every time you have to fill out a form.

Learn about Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most exciting and diverse cities in the world, with a wide variety of things to do and places to see. Start reading about the sights, neighborhoods, museums, and restaurants you might want to explore while you're at USC.

Get ready for So Cal weather

It’s not always beach weather here, but it’s pretty darn close (about 95% of the year). Make sure you bring a swimsuit, sunglasses, and a pair of flip-flops.

Explore Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a vibrant city rich in culture and diversity. There are so many places to explore and discover, even for those who call the L.A. area “home”. Click on the guide below to take a virtual tour through some of the locations our Dornsife Ambassadors have placed on their personal “must see” lists.

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Go Clubbing

With over 1,000 student organizations at USC, how do you find the perfect fit for you and your interests? We encourage you to attend the Involvement Fair at the start of each semester to meet club members representing some of the wide variety of student organizations we offer. Until then, visit the USC Campus Activities website and read our student blog posts to start exploring options.

USC Campus Activities

Ambassador Blogs – Learn about USC and our students

What Should I REALLY Bring to College?

Read any list of college dorm must-haves, and you’ll likely find extra-long twin bedsheets and shower caddies. But what are the items you might not think to pack for residence hall living? Our Dornsife Ambassadors share their top recommendations so you’ll be ready for Move-In Day at USC.

Move-In Day Recommendations